The Ecosia Podcast

Trees for Australia

Episode Summary

All profits made from our searches on Thursday will plant trees in Australia! The Byron Bay area needs its rainforests back for protection against future fires.

Episode Notes

On Thursday, January 23, all Ecosia searches will plant trees in Australia. We will use 100% of our profits to help regenerate the country’s ecosystem by planting native, subtropical trees in the Byron Bay area, which is a biodiversity hotspot that has been affected by the fires. With your help, we can plant trees that clean the air, bring down temperatures, support biodiversity, and attract rain in Australia. In this episode of the Ecosia podcast, Maximo Bottaro talks about the situation in Australia, why rainforests should never burn, and how we're going to fix this together. He is the co-founder and president of Ecosia's local partner, ReForest Now. Go to to get started!